Goals & Vision

The quality policy of Venus Growers is the cornerstone for achieving its objectives. All managers are responsible for ensuring the objectives while seeking continuous improvement of products and services.
Venus Growers objective is: 

To produce high and stable quality products

The fully controlled conditions of hygiene and production safety

To provide maximum handling services

The high level of efficiency

To achieve this objective includes: 

Personnel with high education

Excellent organization

Advanced technology equipment


The vision of Venus Growers is the maximum customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality products and efficient service.
To accomplish that seeks to:

Increase the profitability in order to encourage growers - members to improve and expand their operations.

To develop new products based on fruit, in order to encourage new consumers to consume healthy food and products.

To support the management and staff with continuous training and encouraging the development of individual initiatives with aim to improve the process and production quality.

To provide high level of working conditions and ensuring effective communication at all levels.

Agricultural Cooperative

Venus Growers is a member at the :

  • Chamber of Imathia
  • Exporters' Association of Northern Greece. (SEVE)
  • Union of Hellenic Canning Industry
  • National Inter-professional Organization of Industrial Peach and Pear

It has also developed partnerships with:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture, regarding the development of new varieties, as well as programmes of integrated management in the primary production
  • Universities and Research Institutes (R&D)
  • Customers for raising and developing new products
  • Suppliers for advancing new production methods
  • Producers for the development and implementation of new farming methods.


VENUS GROWERS showing a great interest in the growing environmental requirements, has thus developed an Environmental Management System. At the same time VENUS GROWERS proceeded to the functioning of the agricultural exploitation according to the requirements of the Integrated Management System.
Environmental Policy:

The VENUS GROWERS which operates in the field of fruit processing and production of fruit compote decided to draw up an environmental business ISO 14001 system to demonstrate its interest in continuing and growing environmental requirements. Therefore, it adopts a more general environmental policy in the light of the importance of environmental protection, the optimal management of natural resources and the continuous environmental monitoring of the activity.

The environmental policy of the company covers all production processes and laying the foundations for reducing the environmental impact of its activities and the promotion of a more general philosophy of environmental protection. The company is committed to implement environmental programs which aim at the accomplishment of the following objectives:

  • Compliance with the existing (national and European) legislation for environmental protection;
  • Information and education of the staff in order to actively participate in the environmental business system developed by the company;
  • Identification of the environmental aspects and the environmental objectives and targets, which are reviewed annually in accordance with the company's commitment to a continual improvement in environmental issues;
  • Provision of information to other organizations with the aim of improving the environmental awareness of their own businesses and reducing their environmental impact;
  • Implementation of an environmental business system that will have as a primary goal to continuously improve the environmental presence of the business;
  • Better management of the energy, natural resources and the materials needed to meet the needs of the production process;
  • Sorting of the waste at source, at all stages of the production process;
  • Forward of all the waste streams in legally licensed waste management operators for recovery (energy production, composting) or recycling, according to the legislation;
  • Regular pollutant gas measurements for the protection of the atmosphere;
  • Regular wastewater measurements for the water protection;
  • Regular maintenance of the mechanical equipment to prevent environmental accidents.

This environmental policy is communicated and implemented by all the employees of the company and it is monitored through frequent reviews by the Managing Body to confirm its relevance and effectiveness. The Environmental Policy is available to the public through the website of our company.

Veria, 22nd of February, 2016,  Re-2

The President of the Council

Health and Safety at Work policy:

The Health and Safety at Work is the cornerstone for achieving the objectives of VENUS GROWERS. The company has developed and implemented the Health and Safety at Work System based on the requirements of OHSAS 18001 International Standard while simultaneously it is commited to comply with the applicable (national and European) legislation and other regulatory requirements.

The company's goal is the Design, the Manufacturing and the Marketing of Processed Fruit, zero accidents and zero impact on workers' health.

The administration is committed to comply with the Health and Safety at Work system and the continuous improvement of its performance, which is monitored through objective and quantifiable metrics. Moreover, it is committed to provide the necessary resources for Health and Safety at Work.

All employees have been informed and are responsible for implementing the health and safety system at work while making continuous efforts to improve its performance.

The company's management undertakes the obligation to provide every employee with all the necessary resources, facilities, special equipment, personal protective equipment, training and anything else that is required to ensure the direct participation of all employees in the company's effort to continuously improve the work conditions and the quality of life of the workers.

The company's management is committed to continuously improve the performance of the Health and Safety at Work Management System and also the prevention of injuries and diseases of workers.

To achieve this continuous improvement of the care of the health and safety at work, everyone in the company should constantly aim to make the best use of the work, within his or her capabilities, and to comply with the established procedures.

At the annual review of the Health and Safety at work Management System this policy may be modified depending on the needs of the company and in light of the continuous improvement of the company’s performance in health and safety.

Veria, 22nd of February, 2016 Re-1

The President of the Council